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910Pcs 3D Metal Gear Drive Farm Hay Cutting Mower Screwed Model Building KitFeatures:. The surface of the pieces is smooth and free of burrs, and the fit between the parts is excellent. The model kit has an exquisite appearance and a cool shape.The tire's clear tread, abrasion resistance, and pressu..
$43.99 $43.99
Teching Assembly Electric Steam Locomotive Train Model Toy Gifts for AdultFeatures:100% new and of great qualitythe story's starting point emergence of the "train" The first steam train was created by the British inventor Stephenson in 1814, however when it is in motion, it disturbs livestock such a..
$439.99 $439.99
Steampunk Butterfly Kit Metal Puzzle 5PCS/ SetFeatures:A distinct steampunk aesthetic, as well as painstaking perfection and attention to detail. The insects and other animals he creates out of discarded auto parts like fantastical creatures from a different vintage universe..150PCS+,Putting togethe..
$209.99 $209.99
2PCS 3D Metal Mechanical Black Spider Scopion Handicrafts Assembled Model Features:Models are made of high-quality metal and are cut with a laser for extreme precision.Amazing intricacy and excellent modeling of insects. suitable as ornaments for those above the age of 12Please refrain from playing..
$69.99 $69.99
368Pcs Assemble DIY Metal Mechanical Panda Preacher Model Kit CollectionFeatures:Made of a PVC model and a high-quality laser-cutting, ultra-precision metal model.No adhesive is required for assembling. Only in accordance with the assembly drawing may a panda model be put together using screws.Child..
$79.99 $79.99
547Pcs 25cm 3D Metal Assembly Combat Mecha Figure Model Building Kit Features:Made from high-grade metal that was cut with an extremely precise laser. You may put together a human form through screw connections by just following the assembly drawing and avoiding the use of glue.Assemble time wi..
$119.99 $119.99
DIY Metal Assembly Speaker 3D Phantom Deer Model Puzzle KitsFeatures:Laser-cut ultra-precision high-quality metal models made using high-quality materials don't need glue; instead, they can be screwed together in accordance with the assembly drawing.By allowing the kids to put the product together, ..
$129.99 $129.99
8pcs Set Blind Box 3D Assembly Puzzle Mechanical Saints Kit Features:.story backgroundThis mysterious church organization has its own doctrinal beliefs in the mechanical world. The seven judges under their command are one of the deadly opponents of the Earth Defenders Special Force. However, there ..
$129.99 $129.99
381Pcs Metal Military M777 Howitzer Model Assembly Puzzle Building Kits DIY Adults Kids ToysFeatures: Beautiful Design: The prototype is based on the upgraded M777 155mm howitzer, which is fully assembled manually and requires great difficulties. This design allows users to enjoy the excitement o..
$21.99 $21.99
miniature house illuminated pool miniature house illuminated pool
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❗DIY Miniature House Exclusivity - Unavailable in physical stores❗ Miniature house DIY, to build yourself! Develop your creativityReduces stress and anxietyConstruction time: around 16 hours ⏳Composition: wood, metal, plastic, LED and paper.Included in the pack: all decorations visible..
$115.91 $136.37
3pcs set metal worker ant team diy model kits assembly 3pcs set metal worker ant team diy model kits assembly
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4Pcs Set Metal Worker Ant Team DIY Model Kits AssemblyFeatures:High-quality stainless steel and aluminum are used to make the DIY metal ant model, which is also rust- and wear-resistant. Exquisite processing techniques and laser cutting allow for extremely precise assembly.The color sections are tre..
$218.65 $307.96
745pcs steampunk mechanical mutant chameleon metal lizard kit difficult puzzle 745pcs steampunk mechanical mutant chameleon metal lizard kit difficult puzzle
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745pcs Steampunk Mechanical Mutant Chameleon Metal Lizard Kit Difficult Puzzle Everyone is an Artist Everyone can and should be creative, in our opinion. We intend to create something novel. By giving figurines a spirit and a personality as they are being built, we hope that everyone will be able ..
$239.99 $279.99
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