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diy metal assembly mechanical ball robot puzzle model kit diy metal assembly mechanical ball robot puzzle model kit
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DIY Metal Assembly Mechanical Ball Robot Puzzle Model KitFeatures:You can make a smaller model by using high-quality metal materials and laser cutting ultra-precision high-quality metal mechanical models.In accordance with the assembly video, the screw connection (product non-paper instruction, also..
$69.00 $79.99
DIY Electronic Insect Kit Handmade 4 Spiders Model with Glow Light -Transparent+Orange+Red+BlueFeatures:Customers must build the electronic animal kit themselves using adhesive (UHU superglue/strong AB glue) and their own electronic insects. Pay close attention to installing the electrolytic capacit..
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miniature luminous house miniature luminous house
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❗DIY Miniature House Exclusivity - Unavailable in physical stores❗ Miniature house DIY, to build yourself! Develop your creativityReduces stress and anxietyConstruction time: around 16 hours ⏳Composition: wood, metal, plastic, LED and paper.Included in the pack: all decorations visib..
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262pcs air fighter helicopter model building kit stem education toy for ages 8+ 262pcs air fighter helicopter model building kit stem education toy for ages 8+
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262Pcs Air Fighter Helicopter Model Building Kit STEM Education Toy for Ages 8+Features:Novel Design: This model is made of assembled stainless steel metal. Realistic and texture-rich, the contourIt is composed of stainless steel, which is of high quality. The assembly is smooth and comfortable beca..
$39.99 $49.99
DIY Metal Assembly Robot Mecha Model 3D Puzzle Kits with WatchFeatures:Laser-cut ultra-precision high-quality metal models made using high-quality materials don't need glue; instead, they can be screwed together in accordance with the assembly drawing.With a watch stand for the majority of watches, ..
$89.99 $89.99
100Pcs+ Premium Series Metal Worker Ant DIY 3D Model Building Kits Assembly Insect Features:High-quality stainless steel and aluminum are used to make the DIY metal ant model, which is also rust- and wear-resistant. Exquisite processing techniques and laser cutting allow for extremely precise assem..
$76.99 $76.99
V8 Engine TECHING 3D Metal Mechanical Engine Model Science Experiment Boys Toy 500+PcsFeatures:Exquisite Model Decorations: V8 engine model kits and beautifully textured metal pieces immerse you in the fascinating realm of mechanical engineering. You'll construct your own V8 engine.Complete Accessor..
$699.99 $699.99
209Pcs Infantryman Mecha 3D Assembly Metal Model Kit 2-in-1 Phone HolderFeatures:If you're a 3D puzzle collector, seeking a new pastime, seeking intellectual stimulation, or in search of a fun indoor activity for you and your loved ones, Putting together difficulty—entry A gradeThe steampunk-style m..
$53.99 $53.99
150PCS Steampunk 3D Butterfly Model Assembly with a Pair of Wings for Replacement Customizable Features:The butterfly's body and wings can be changed. Choose between A and B's butterfly wing and body structures. Additionally, one pair of replacement wings can be chosen from two of the nine butt..
$46.99 $46.99
1054Pcs 3D Metal Assembly Gear Drive Big Farm Harvester Vehicle Toy Model Kit Features:. Model kit looks exquisitely like an off-road vehicle; it has a cool design, pieces with a smooth, burr-free surface, and excellent part fit.The tire's clear tread, abrasion resistance, and pressure resistan..
$59.99 $59.99
150PCS 3D Steampunk Purple Red Swallowtail Butterfly Model KitFeatures:A distinct steampunk aesthetic, as well as painstaking perfection and attention to detail. The insects and other animals he creates out of discarded auto parts like fantastical creatures from a different vintage universe..150PCS+..
$46.99 $46.99
MOTOR NUCLEAR ATS MNQ-03 26cm Metal Mecha Model Assembly Toy Full Painted Movable KitFeatures:. This figure features an alloy skeleton, fully painted outer armor, and an assembled electronic lighting function. It is also quite mobile. The model is around 26 cm tall (the height of the model from the ..
$419.99 $419.99
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